Focus Questions:

  1. Define race, ethnicity, and diversity?
  2. What was the racial and ethnic makeup of the United States in the 1800's?
  3. What racial and ethnic movement (in terms of geography) was there during this period and what were the causes?
    1. In the United States?
    2. Between countries and continents?
  4. Describe the relationship between different racial and ethnic groups:
    1. In the North
    2. In the South
    3. Pre-Civil War
    4. Post-Civil War
    5. Under Romanticism
    6. Under Transcendentalism
  5. What elements of the countries racial and ethnic makeup are present in Moby Dick?
  6. How do these elements contribute to the plot and structure of the novel?
  7. What historic parallels in regards to race and ethnicity are present in the novel?
  8. How do these elements of race and ethnicity help to create the underlying class warfare that the story of Moby Dick describes?

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