Focus Questions:

  1. Summarize (5-8 sentences) what happens in this part of Odysseus's journey.
  2. What is Penelope's challenge for Odysseus upon his return?
  3. Why does Penelope test him? Why is this test important symbolically for Odysseus-what does it reveal about him?
  4. What does Odysseus gain (not just his wife) from successfully passing this challenge?
  5. After Odysseus passes this challenge the families of the suitors come back for revenge; how are they stopped?
  6. Why does Athena actively intervene at this point in Odysseus's journey when she had only advised Odysseus up to this point?
  7. Describe in one paragraph (5-8 sentences) the stage of the hero's journey known as Freedom to Live.
  8. How do the events of this episode with Penelope and Athena fit this stage of the hero's journey?

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